• How to Build Credit for Your Business

    How to Build Credit for Your Business

    If you haven’t been in business for very long or have not yet established credit, it should top your to-do list.  Establishing business credit should be a priority for any small business owner for two reasons:

    1. 1.It separates your personal credit history from your business and allows both to run somewhat independently. If your company is structured as a sole proprietorship or general partnership the government will consider you and the company as one and the same. This means your personal assets could be attached to a company lawsuit, a lien, etc
    2. 2.When you accumulate a positive credit history it will ultimately provide benefits. For example, good credit makes it easier to obtain a commercial loan from a financial institution, should you need it in the future.

    Tips on Building Credit for your Business

    1)      Corporation vs. Sole or Partnership. How you structure your business matters.If your business is already a corporation or LLC, excellent. When your business is structured as a sole proprietorship or general partnership, your personal and business financials are legally the same. Therefore the credit rating is the same. Additionally, there is risk as a sole proprietorship or partnership. If someone was to sue your company, your personal assets could be at stake.

    2)      Open a business bank account. Make sure you have filed and received your Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the state, a necessary tax-related number for corporations and LLCs. The account will be opened in the legal corporate name. It goes without saying that you will then pay for all business transactions from this account as well as deposit any revenue received.

    3)      Acquire at least one business credit card:  Your commercial bank will be happy to provide a debit card immediately. Within time, the bank will offer a business credit card. Once obtained, you should make a few purchases with the card and pay off the entire balance each month. This is not an invitation to go into debt. This is simply a technique to initiate movement from the credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

    4)      Establish a line of credit with vendors and suppliers. If you have been paying your vendors and suppliers C.O.D.,ask for credit applications and start paying off of a monthly invoice instead. When appropriate, ask them to report your payment history to the credit reporting agencies.

    5)      Pay bills on time and don’t go into debt. This is a no-brainer. On-time payments equal good credit and a high debt-to-asset ratio is death in the credit business. So again, don’t carry a balance on your credit cards – pay everything on time and you’ll quickly experience credit success for your business.

    Benefits of Having Good Business Credit

    Having good business credit can provide a number of benefits, including:

    • Positioning your company for more favorable payment terms with new vendors and suppliers.
    • Reducing the number of times you will need to prepay for products or services purchased.
    • Allowing you to obtain better interest rates and credit terms from lenders and banks.

    Once you have established good business credit, protect it, as it will act as a positive calling card for most of your future needs.

    How Greenbox Capital Fits In

    Whether you have impeccable credit or not, Greenbox Capital may be able to help build your credit. Take out a small loan and pay it off. We offer flexible terms and several financing options and solutions. Amounts as small as $5,000 can be financed in 24-hours and we also offer business credit lines.

    Our finance specialists are available for consultations, or go direct and fill out the qualification form which will get the process started. Our goal at Greenbox Capital is to provide comprehensive pro-grade loan servicing from start-to-finish. Supporting small-to-medium businesses is our goal.

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  • Benefits of Dealing with a “Direct” Canadian Lender

    If you are a Canadian or have ever been around people from Canada, you probably already know. The Canadian culture breeds no nonsense people who are bright and don’t want to go through additional and unnecessary hoops to meet their financial goals.

    Small business owners don’t have time to search high and low for a financial intermediary to steer them in the most effective direction when it comes to funding. They want and need to rely on a direct connection with an alternative lender who understands their business. Whether it is a small, medium or large loan that’s desired, having to use indirect methods is enough to deter and intimidate even the bravest small business owner. The paperwork alone is tedious and overwhelming.

    Extra money is often needed when the business is ramping up from its initial year or for an urgent need to replace equipment or increase staffing. During periods of growth spurts or expansion an extra financial push helps immensely. Sometimes a small loan is all that is needed.

    Yet, who has the time to gather an abundance of documents, start the loan application process and wait for it to be approved.  Just looking at the list of required information makes most business owners’ heads spin.

    Plus gathering this information is only the beginning of a very long process. All business owners know the importance of “striking while the iron is hot”, so delays in funding often translates to lost opportunities. It’s enough to make any business owner pause before taking a step further, right?

    Direct Funding is the Fastest Gateway

    Why would any business owner want additional stress by going through an indirect method of funding, where underwriting, collateral and more is required? Greenbox Capital has been funding small businesses for the last 6 years and is thrilled to offer small business owners our alternative, reliable methods.

    Greenbox Capital’s fast business cash advances and short-term small business loans make growing a business possible. Our application process takes only a minute! And unlike many other lenders, we don’t charge an application fee or an origination fee. Get funded in 24 hours!

    Our fees include only the cost to set you up on our platform, unlike most lenders. Access the working capital needed to control your business’s growth. Now you can purchase new equipment, hire new employees or expand into an additional location.

    The possibilities are endless with an unsecured merchant cash advance or small business term loan up to $250,000 from Greenbox Capital.

    What Does Any of This Have to Do with Canadian Lenders?

    Well, nothing really – we hoped it would get your attention. Yet, like we mentioned earlier, Canadians are straightforward, down-to-earth people who don’t want to deal with companies that require unnecessary information and time-consuming procedures. We are a Canadian-based company and proud of our no nonsense, direct methods of helping companies realize their visions.  Check out our application process and you’ll see what we mean.

    Apply today or contact us to find out more about our fee structure.

    Here is what Charity Hannah – All About Tires, has to say:

    “I have worked with Greenbox over the last couple years when I find the need for working capital and they always provide me with a plan that fits my needs and goals. I would recommend Greenbox to any small business seeking extra funding. I have worked with Greenbox over the last couple years when I find the need for working capital and they always provide me with a plan that fits my needs and goals. I would recommend Greenbox to any small business seeking extra funding.”

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  • Behind the Scenes: How Traditional Lenders Make SMB Loan Decisions

    Looking for a small business loan can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the process. What information do they need? What numbers count in my favor? What are my chances?

    Gaining access to working capital means understanding what traditional lenders look for before approving a small business loan. It’s not as simple as it should be here. Here’s how you can tell if you are a good candidate for a traditional lender.

    Be Prepared with the Basics

    Of course basic information, such as:

    • Type of business
    • Business overview and history
    • Personal credit score
    • Annual revenue
    • Purpose of loan

    There are some types of businesses that some lenders won’t touch. Yes, there truly is a blacklist, but it is not standardized. It’s basically a general list of business types that have been known to default on their loans, such as businesses that are risky (i.e. projects done on speculation, like building large art installations in the hopes they will sell). Often budding entertainers get turned down for loans that are intended to be used to launch careers.

    Additional requirements

    Of course, if your business is humming along brilliantly and your net revenue is stable and shows your business is on the upside, getting a loan should be easy if the amount is in line with your numbers. You will need around three to six months of business bank statements, personal and business income tax returns, business organization documents, income statement (P&L), and a balance sheet.

    And that’s the easy part. You’ll also need to provide some or all of the following documents:

    • Tax statements
    • All relevant business licenses, permits, and approvals
    • Payroll records (previous 6 months)
    • Any company-owned real estate title deeds or leases
    • Accounts receivable system
    • Possible collateral, such as personal real estate deeds
    • Full disclosure of any liens or negative regulatory activity
    • Disclosure of any liens against business property
    • Patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights

    Wait, there’s more…

    After you’ve provided all of the necessary documents, you may be asked for additional information, such as other documents that can substantiate those previously provided. In the past, many retailers used cash registers and paper receipts. Systems were not automated and fully integrated the way most businesses operate today. So if each facet of your business works through a central system, it should be a bit simpler. But basically, the small business underwriter is in charge of making the final decision – so there is definitely an element of personal judgment. Having said that, don’t take first impressions lightly. Prepare yourself in the months leading up to filling out the application and make sure you have:

    • A strong credit score (hopefully over 600)
    • A consistent balance in checking account
    • Positive cash flow
    • Minimal or no current debt
    • Loan request amount

    Aside from all of that, the approval will still be up to the underwriting professional with whom you are working, so personal judgment does enter in.

    The “Direct” Approach

    If all of that feels intimidating, we understand. Greenbox Capital has been in business for over 6 years and we consider ourselves an alternative lender. Why? Because we specialize in funding options for small- and medium-sized businesses that average a minimum of $7,500 in revenue for the previous three months.

    Sure, we still require some documentation, but Greenbox Capital is unlike traditional lending institutions. We accept all business loan applications for companies that have been in operation for at least five months.

    Our loan structure is simple and straightforward, and our application process takes only a minute. And unlike many other lenders, we don’t charge an application fee or an origination fee. Our fees include only the cost to set you up on our platform! Apply today or contact us to find out more about our fee structure.

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  • Physician Loan

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  • How Will a Short-Term Inventory Loan Help My Business?

    Suppliers often put restrictions on how much merchandise they send and demand immediate payments. They add stress and strain to your already busy schedule while you try to live your dream of running your own business.

    Don’t you just hate that?

    We have good news! There is a way to get the inventory you need without having to wait or struggle to find the money.

    A short-term inventory loan is one option within inventory financing that acts as a stepping stone for businesses to keep operating, satisfying customers, and growing their company. This type of loan can be used as a line of credit, and the inventory you purchase for your business is the collateral for the loan; in the event that you cannot pay back your loan, the inventory will be seized.

    It’s important to consider if it’s the right plan of action for your business.

    Why Businesses Need a Short-Term Inventory Loan

    Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, dealership, or seasonal business, a short-term inventory loan boosts your cash flow and leverages your inventory in those tough times.

    Businesses apply for a short-term inventory loan to:

    • Replace damaged or lost inventory
    • Do a quick flip when some pieces haven’t sold
    • Launch a new product
    • Re-order specific merchandise because demand is high
    • Prepare for the busy season after having low sales

    Greenbox Capital provides financing solutions for various industries, so call us at 1-855-442-3423 to receive the maximum benefits!

    What Are the Benefits?

    Before you apply for a short-term inventory loan, take a look at the benefits it provides:

    • Protected resources. You won’t need to use your business’ resources to pay for more inventory.
    • Fewer delays. If you use overseas suppliers, you’re aware that you can experience large delay periods and if you have to wait to pay your supplier, the delay period will be even longer.
    • Order more. You have more flexibility to order in bulk, which will save you money in transportation costs.
    • Improve your reputation. Your clients will see that you’re listening to their demands and come back for more, as well as provide positive reviews. You will also be able to handle larger orders to expand your business.

    Join Our Early Pay-Off Program

    At Greenbox Capital, we provide an Early Pay-Off Program that allows you to receive a discount if you pay off your loan 30, 60, or 90 days from the date of funding. The earlier you pay, the better the benefits! If you want to receive a reduction in factor rate, pay every 30 days.

    Greenbox Capital provides fast and easy funding, so you get the working capital you need to grow your business. We provide small business loans[1], Merchant Cash Advances[2], invoice factoring, and more, so contact us today to find the right solution, or apply now!










    [1] Greenbox Capital Small Business Loans may not be available in all regions of the United States and Canada.

    [1] Greenbox Capital Merchant Cash Advances may not be available in all regions of the United States and Canada.

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  • When “Stuff Happens” to Your Business, What Do You Do?

    Like any small business, you may come across a situation where you are in need of a sudden lump sum of cash. Though you may be running your business by the book, there are always surprise situations that can suddenly arise. If you don’t have a rainy-day fund or enough back-up cash on hand, it doesn’t represent a lack of planning or forethought on your end; there is only so much you can be prepared to handle. Here are common reasons you might need quick financing:

    • Opportunities for expansion: The occupants next door have finally decided to move to another location, leaving an empty space that would perfectly accommodate your growing business. You need the capital to pay for permits, hire contractors, and increase your inventory. This is just one example of an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Merchants will benefit from small business loans from Greenbox Capital as it can help them move forward in their business without regret.
    • Emergencies not covered by insurance: Unfortunately, not every accident or catastrophe is covered by your insurance company. For example, your furnace breaks down, a glass display case breaks, the power goes out leading to lost sales, etc. These emergencies can make a dent in your business’ store of cash. While it’s smart to have a rainy-day fund for unexpected situations, many small businesses don’t have the luxury of excess cash to store away. That’s where a Merchant Cash Advance comes in.
    • Equipment maintenance:What do you call a café with a broken espresso machine, or a movie theatre without a working projector? What happens when your POS system suddenly stops processing transactions? While these situations aren’t ideal, they can and do happen from time to time. Machines don’t last forever, so it’s only a matter of time before they need maintenance and repairs, which can cost a pretty penny.
    • Holiday rushes requiring more stock:Many companies make the bulk of their yearly sales from Black Friday to Super Saturday. Year-end holiday shopping is crucial for small businesses to make a profit. But it requires plenty of back-up stock in your inventory and seasonal sales staff. This represents plenty of upfront costs that you may not necessarily have the funds to support.

    What to Do When Your Business Needs Quick Access to Cash

    Greenbox Capital has helped many small businesses with loans that cover those unforeseen moments when life just happens. If you’re a merchant, you may already be aware of how difficult it is to obtain a loan from a traditional lending institution. Banks aren’t willing to lend to small businesses, but Greenbox Capital is different:

    • We consider applications no matter what your credit score is
    • We don’t require collateral
    • Our approval process is almost instant!
    • We don’t need years of paperwork, a business plan, or your yearly projections when considering your application.

    What We Do Offer:

    • Access to working capital of up to $250,000 in as little as 24 hours
    • Special financing for women who are small business owners
    • Invoice factoring to speed up accounts receivable payments
    • An easy application process that takes less than one minute to complete!

    ¹ Greenbox Capital Merchant Cash Advances may not be available in all regions of the United States or Canada.

    When it comes to life’s little emergencies, Greenbox Capital has you covered. For all of those unexpected payments, get instant access to the cash you need. Apply today!

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  • What a Small Business Loan Really Costs

    The truth is, small business owners don’t have endless access to money. The first months of any company are the most crucial, and some businesses don’t start making a profit for years. Money may be tight, but with just enough capital, business owners will survive the toughest months and years of their company. That’s why it’s important to understand the true cost of a small business loan. Many traditional lenders will have you believe that interest is the only fee. However, there are many other fees that may look insignificant on paper, but that can really add up.

    Depending on the type of financing you want, you’ll face different miscellaneous charges, however, many are essentially the same. If you’ve ever applied for a business loan, line of credit, or business credit card, you may already be familiar with these fees:

    Application Fee

    This fee is applied across the board as an initial fee to process your loan request. Application fees are charged on equipment and vehicle financings, short-term business loans, cash-flow lending, and Merchant Cash Advances (MCA), to name a few. The cost of an application fee depends on the lender, but it’s usually a flat rate.

    Please note that Greenbox Capital does not charge an application fee on small business loans.

    Origination Fee

    An origination fee is charged for the loan application and approval. It is either charged as a flat fee or a percentage of the loan amount. The typical percentage of an origination fee is anywhere between one and six percent. You’ll commonly find this fee when applying for:

    Please note that Greenbox Capital does not charge an origination fee.

    Returned Payment

    This type of fee is also called a non-sufficient fund (NSF) or unsuccessful payment fee. You may be familiar with this type of fee in your personal bank account when your account does not have enough funds to cover a withdrawal amount. A returned payment fee is not an automatic fee, but a penalty. In order to avoid returned payment fees, always make sure to have enough funds in your account for automatic withdrawals. Multiple failed attempts to withdraw payments can end up costing more than the withdrawal amount.

    Filing/Administration/Processing Fee/ Etc.

    If ever you see these fees attached to your loan offer, it means that the lender is charging you a fee for reading over your application. It also entails pulling up your credit score, reading over business assets and other documents, and any other third-party fees. In other words, these upfront fees cover the general cost of underwriting your account.

    Greenbox Capital is unlike traditional lending institutions. We accept all business loan applications for companies that have been in operation for at least six months. Our loan structure is simple and straightforward, and our application process takes only a minute. And unlike many other lenders, we don’t charge an application fee or an origination fee. Our fees include only the cost to set you up on our platform! Apply today or contact us to find out more about our fee structure.

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  • The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Online Business Loans

    It pays to shop around for the perfect loan. Back in the day, small businesses didn’t have a choice, but to go to the bank for a traditional loan that took months and required a mass of documents, as well as collateral.

    The good news is that we can now choose small business loans online instead, and we know the real story about what banks are hiding.

    Greenbox Capital is here to advise you on the top five benefits that come with choosing an online business loan.


    Online business loans accommodate the busy shop owner and the jet-lagged businessperson. As long as they have a computer with an internet connection, they can find a business loan during their lunch break or on the plane. If they still don’t have time, they can also search and apply for an online business loan at their hotel or at home wearing nothing but their pajamas.

    Quick Turnaround

    With the added convenience of searching, choosing, and applying online for a business loan, alternative lenders provide working capital within 24 hours as opposed to months. Alternative lenders, such as Greenbox Capital, help you avoid wasting time sifting through months of bank statements and other documents, so you can get the money you need fast to achieve your goals.


    Large banks don’t even consider you if you have bad credit, but smaller banks and credit unions may sit with you to work out a solution and offer reasonable prices. However, you will find more flexibility when you choose online business loans from alternative lenders. For instance, Greenbox Capital does not require any collateral when you apply, so you won’t have the fear of repossession hanging over you if you are unable to fully pay back the loan. Representatives of Greenbox Capital work with you no matter how good or bad your situation is.

    Whether it’s from the fear of rejection or because they have been rejected too many times by banks, female business owners opt for funding less often than male business owners. Female business owners will, instead, use credit cards for their company’s requirements, which is not an economical solution since they must endure high interest rates. Greenbox Capital is one of a few alternative lenders that forms solid partnerships with female entrepreneurs, so their business can thrive.

    Simplified Repayments

    With so many types of businesses, alternative lenders understand that they need an easy and simple method for repaying a business loan. That’s why Greenbox Capital offers Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.

    We can arrange for daily or weekly fixed ACH payments that are automatically deducted from your account with a term length that lasts between 3 and 12 months.


    Alternative lenders, such as Greenbox Capital, do not give funding with any set instructions on how to use it. You know where to put the money in your business:

    • Working capital. Subtract your business’ current assets from its current liabilities and you’ll be left with your working capital. It demonstrates the status of various activities, including debt and inventory management, suppliers’ payments, and revenue collection.
    • Inventory. Whether you’re experiencing a dip in sales or putting your money towards other departments of your business—like debts—an online business loan can help restock your shelves with new inventory.
    • Equipment. Machinery is essential in business from coffee machines to computer cash registers to commercial washing machines. When they break down or when you want to upgrade, your business may not be making enough money for that. However, an online business loan will help you get the repairs or equipment you need.
    • Refinance. Not happy with your current loan? You can replace it with a new one that has better terms to help you accomplish your goals.
    • Business Acquisition or Expansion. There are several business loans to help you get started on your next big challenge, whether it’s a new partnership or a franchise.

    Find out More About Greenbox Capital’s Online Business Loans

    Call us at 1-855-442-3423 for more information or to make an appointment.

    If you’re ready to take the next step, apply now and sign up to become a loyal Greenbox Capital member!








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  • Do You Need Fast Business Financing? Apply Online

    Many major corporations started out as small enterprises on a shoe-string budget. In order to move your small business beyond the start-up phase and into a steady and growing stream of profit and expansion, you need constant access to funds. However, many small businesses run out of money and need working capital before they can move to the next stage of development, order more inventory/supplies, pay bills, or keep up with payroll. If this sounds like your current situation, there are many affordable solutions available.

    Why Banks Aren’t the Solution

    If the keyword is “fast,” banks are not going to give you what you’re looking for. For starters, if you’re considered a small business, your loan application won’t even be reviewed, as banks consider this type of loan much too risky in the current financial climate. Secondly, if you have bad credit or no credit, banks won’t take the chance, even if your business is generating income and you pay your bills on time. Alternative lenders, such as Greenbox Capital, are private lending solutions that can look beyond your credit score and take into account the “whole picture” of your financial health. If you’re looking for money tomorrow, bank loan applications aren’t processed fast enough for your urgent need.

    Why Do You Need a Small Business Loan?

    Private lenders offer various small business loans to companies from all industries. There are many reasons that a business owner like you might need capital as soon as possible:

    • Debt repayment
    • Buying more inventory
    • Paying employees, contractors
    • Lease payments
    • Equipment, repairs
    • Spending more on advertising
    • Expanding the product line
    • Research and development
    • Better branding and web design
    • Training and certification

    What Kind of Loan Do You Need?

    The financial requirements vary from industry to industry, and when you apply for a loan through Greenbox Capital, we’ll discuss with you the most appropriate loan possible for your needs. There are many business loans available, such as:

    • Merchant Cash Advance
      • Based on the purchase of future sales, this is an ideal loan for small businesses that accept credit cards.
      • Repayment is fully automated.
      • Merchants can apply for up to $250,000 and receive funding in as little as 24 hours.
      • Merchants with low credit scores will still be considered.
      • No hidden fees and no collateral necessary.
    • Invoice Factoring
      • Essential lending option for businesses in an industry with long accounts-receivable periods.
      • Receive anywhere from $5000 to $250,000 in cash.
      • Get as much as 80% of the invoice value.
      • Fees are 1.5% to 2.5% per month.
    • Small Business Loan
      • Receive a short-term loan up to $250,000.
      • Same-day funding is possible.
      • Term lengths range from 3 to 12 months.
      • Short application time—we require only three months of bank statements.
    • Small Business Loans for Women
      • Funding options for businesswomen between $5000 and $250,000.
      • We do not tell you how to spend your funds.
      • Receive financing in as little as 24–48 hours.
      • Lending options available for businesswomen with bad credit or insufficient requirements for traditional lending institutions.

    No matter what your financial needs, Greenbox Capital has a lending solution that will suit your financial situation, so your small business can get ahead. Apply for a small business loan today!

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  • Why It Pays to Take a Hard Look at the Math Before Applying for a Loan

    If you’re a business owner in need of a loan, it’s understandable to want to accept any loan offer that comes your way. Also, if you have low credit or no credit, finding a lender that will take a chance on you might render you so grateful that you barely look at the fine print before signing on the dotted line. But, by not giving yourself a moment to sit down and crunch the numbers, you’re putting your business at risk of going under. It sounds dramatic, but this kind of situation happens all the time. Avoid unfortunate surprises by sitting down with the loan offer and your current financials to calculate those essential numbers. You may find out that the loan you’re offered is too good to be true.

    Various Hidden Fees

    There’s a catch with hidden fees: they aren’t always hidden. But they aren’t exactly clear either. Watch out for confusing or vague language surrounding your fee structure. Fees that involve tiers or points may be used to confuse you, as is the case with loan scams. Other costs associated with private loans often include:

    • Underwriting fee
    • Origination fee
    • Closing fee
    • Miscellaneous or filing fees

    These upfront costs may not seem like much, but depending on the lender, they can range from $200 to $2000. These high fees will quickly turn a seemingly great deal into an unaffordable one. Before calculating anything, check your lending agreement for these various fees. If they’re not there, make sure they’re not hidden on a separate payment schedule or in the correspondence between you and the lending company.

    The Formula for Calculating The Real Cost of a Loan

    Many irreputable lenders offer low-interest rates and manageable repayment terms and rely on these fees to heavily inflate their client’s repayment. However, determining the real cost of any loan is an easy formula to follow. Here’s a sample breakdown of the true affordability of a loan, courtesy of Company Capital:

    For a $10,000 loan, subtract the underwriting fee and the origination fee (in the provided example, the amounts are $300 and $1000). That leaves the lender with $8,700. The amount sold to the lender is $14,100 (this includes the interest rate). To find out the actual cost of the loan, subtract the amount received from the total repayment amount ($14,100 – $8,700). The cost of this $10,000 loan is $5,400. Factoring the underwriting and origination fees, the lender is paying back 62% of the original loan. When you include the repayment schedule, which in this case, is 100 days, the lender’s annual rate jumps to 165%.

    The Real Numbers

    Applying simple math to the example above illustrates how important it is to be vigilant and to do the math when applying for small business loans. At Greenbox Capital, our loans are designed to help small business owners succeed. All our lending options are transparent and fair. To gain access to working capital, fill out an application form today!

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