Automotive Repair Shop Equipment Financing

Automotive Repair Shop Equipment Financing

Drive your Auto Repair business by updating tools and leasing new equipment.

Running a successful automotive repair shop requires well-maintained and up-to-date equipment. Your business’s equipment can make or break your ability to compete.  Profitable auto repair shops perform repairs and maintenance beyond basic oil changes and tire changes.  New tools and state of the art equipment set you apart from other local mechanics.  Upgraded equipment and tools aren’t cheap but the potential return on investment is promising.  Greenbox Capital can help you get the tools and equipment you need without tapping into your current cash flow. 

We make leasing equipment and purchasing tools easy, quick, and worry-free.  Let us get you approved for the cash you need today!

Could your shop use new equipment?  Equipment is expensive! A lease may make sense.

Many auto repair shops lease the following equipment:

  • Smog & Emissions Testers
  • Alignment Machines
  • Transmission Tools
  • Brake Lathes
  • Lifts and Racks
  • Tire Mounting and Balancing Systems
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • Paint Booths

Automotive Equipment Financing and Leasing

Should you buy or lease your equipment? Auto repair equipment and auto mechanic tools are expensive. You can choose to buy new or used equipment, but either way, it isn’t cheap.  Few small business owners have the cash on hand to purchase these things outright.  One option is to request a traditional loan.  Loans from traditional lenders often require collateral, excellent credit scores, and have long approval times. Greenbox Capital offers a hassle-free solution for equipping your auto shop.

Greenbox Capital provides financing solutions tailored to suit various industries and their unique business needs. Our leasing option gives you access to the cash you need for auto mechanic and repair equipment and tools without cleaning out your bank account. Structure your agreement to comfortably include installation and maintenance of your new equipment.  Sustain your business with an automotive equipment financing option from Greenbox Capital.