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How to Build Credit for Your Business

Posted by Greenbox Capital on February 11, 2019
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How to Build Credit for Your Business If you haven’t been in business for very long or have not yet established credit, it should top your to-do list.  Establishing business credit should be a priority for any small business owner for two reasons: 1.It separates your personal credit history from your business and allows both to run somewhat independently. If your company is structured as a sole proprietorship or general partnership the government will consider
If you are a Canadian or have ever been around people from Canada, you probably already know. The Canadian culture breeds no nonsense people who are bright and don’t want to go through additional and unnecessary hoops to meet their financial goals. Small business owners don’t have time to search high and low for a financial intermediary to steer them in the most effective direction when it comes to funding. They want and need to
Looking for a small business loan can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the process. What information do they need? What numbers count in my favor? What are my chances? Gaining access to working capital means understanding what traditional lenders look for before approving a small business loan. It’s not as simple as it should be here. Here’s how you can tell if you are a good candidate for a traditional lender. Be Prepared
Suppliers often put restrictions on how much merchandise they send and demand immediate payments. They add stress and strain to your already busy schedule while you try to live your dream of running your own business. Don’t you just hate that? We have good news! There is a way to get the inventory you need without having to wait or struggle to find the money. A short-term inventory loan is one option within inventory financing
Like any small business, you may come across a situation where you are in need of a sudden lump sum of cash. Though you may be running your business by the book, there are always surprise situations that can suddenly arise. If you don’t have a rainy-day fund or enough back-up cash on hand, it doesn’t represent a lack of planning or forethought on your end; there is only so much you can be prepared

What a Small Business Loan Really Costs

Posted by Greenbox Capital on December 4, 2018
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The truth is, small business owners don’t have endless access to money. The first months of any company are the most crucial, and some businesses don’t start making a profit for years. Money may be tight, but with just enough capital, business owners will survive the toughest months and years of their company. That’s why it’s important to understand the true cost of a small business loan. Many traditional lenders will have you believe that
It pays to shop around for the perfect loan. Back in the day, small businesses didn’t have a choice, but to go to the bank for a traditional loan that took months and required a mass of documents, as well as collateral. The good news is that we can now choose small business loans online instead, and we know the real story about what banks are hiding. Greenbox Capital is here to advise you on
Many major corporations started out as small enterprises on a shoe-string budget. In order to move your small business beyond the start-up phase and into a steady and growing stream of profit and expansion, you need constant access to funds. However, many small businesses run out of money and need working capital before they can move to the next stage of development, order more inventory/supplies, pay bills, or keep up with payroll. If this sounds
If you’re a business owner in need of a loan, it’s understandable to want to accept any loan offer that comes your way. Also, if you have low credit or no credit, finding a lender that will take a chance on you might render you so grateful that you barely look at the fine print before signing on the dotted line. But, by not giving yourself a moment to sit down and crunch the numbers,
You’ve worked so hard to compile all the details for the business you envision, and when your small business loan¹ application is denied, it can send you into a bit of a tailspin. The important thing is not to get discouraged or talk yourself out of pursuing your goals. You’re not the first to be denied a small business or pharmacy finance loan, and you certainly won’t be the last. There are other options available