Strengthen Your Gut For Better Decision Making

Few doubt that we should trust our gut but how many actually follow through on what our intuition tells us? Follow your gut can be a case of “easier said than done” in situations that really count. Yet, all business success stories include several tales of risks and decisions guided by the entrepreneur’s gut. 

As a small business owner facing tough decisions daily on business issues as vast as financing, sales, profit, hiring, contracts with new vendors, and customer service, how do you get to the point where your decision-making ability is fast and also dead-on right? How do you find the courage to go against the grain for the biggest gains in business or take a leap of faith and come out at the top of your industry?

Tips to Build Trust in Your Business Intuition

One way to strengthen confidence in your gut is by first understanding what it is. For starters, our “gut reaction” is real and backed by science. In fact, the US Office of Naval Research calls it “Spidey Sense” and has worked with leading experts worldwide to develop applications to help sailors and marines access their power of intuition quickly for situations where they need to make fast and vital decisions.

Experts also agree that our gut can be trained to consistently lead us in the right direction by practicing. Our gut, or intuition, is actually a collection of insights that our brain has stored based on our experiences. Our gut is nourished by both our experiences and the way in which we process those experiences. We need to be present and aware during our experience. 



Hana Ayoub, a professional development coach, advises in a recent article in Fast Company, “After a meeting or interaction that requires a decision on your part, give yourself mental space to reflect. “Instead of grabbing a coffee in the kitchen, take a walk around the block. Spend time alone. Even if it’s just a minute.”¹

Another way to learn how to trust your gut is keep a running list of each time your gut proved to be right.


Did You Know?

  • Scientists believe that the ability of gut intuition uses the entire right side of the brain and neural network in the gut called the enteric nervous system.² 
  • Women are better physically designed than men to integrate emotion and logic for fast decision making. The connective tissue between the right, emotional side of the brain, and left, logical side, is thicker in females than in males, making women’s brains better transmitters of neural information between the two brain hemispheres.

For movie buffs there’s a documentary called “Innsæi,” named after the ancient Icelandic word for intuition. The film includes interviews with scientists and spiritual leaders worldwide. 


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