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All corporations start somewhere, and once upon a time, many were small businesses that didn’t have two pennies to rub together. But these days, small businesses have fast and direct access to funds once they’ve started operating. They have the capabilities to grow their business and strive to the next level. When small businesses hit a dry period, they can call on alternative lenders to get needed funds right away for supplies, inventory, bills, and even payroll. If you’re in this boat, Greenbox Capital will bail you with affordable solutions.

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Why Banks Aren’t the Solution

If the keyword is “fast,” banks are not going to give you what you’re looking for. For starters, if you’re considered a small business, your loan application won’t even be reviewed, as banks consider this type of loan much too risky in the current financial climate. Secondly, if you have bad credit or no credit, banks won’t take the chance, even if your business is generating income and you pay your bills on time. Alternative lenders, such as Greenbox Capital, are private lending solutions that can look beyond your credit score and take into account the “whole picture” of your financial health. If you’re looking for money tomorrow, bank loan applications aren’t processed fast enough for your urgent need.

Why Do You Need a Small Business Loan?

Private lenders offer various small business loans to companies from all industries. There are many reasons that a business owner like you might need capital as soon as possible:

  • Debt repayment
  • Buying more inventory
  • Paying employees, contractors
  • Lease payments
  • Equipment, repairs
  • Spending more on advertising
  • Expanding the product line
  • Research and development
  • Better branding and web design
  • Training and certification

What Kind of Loan Do You Need?

The financial requirements vary from industry to industry, and when you apply for a loan through Greenbox Capital, we’ll discuss with you the most appropriate loan possible for your needs. There are many business loans available, such as:

  • Merchant Cash Advance
    • Based on the purchase of future sales, this is an ideal loan for small businesses that accept credit cards.
    • Repayment is fully automated.
    • Merchants can apply for up to $250,000 and receive funding in as little as 24 hours.
    • Merchants with low credit scores will still be considered.
    • No hidden fees and no collateral necessary.
  • Invoice Factoring
    • Essential lending option for businesses in an industry with long accounts-receivable periods.
    • Receive anywhere from $5000 to $250,000 in cash.
    • Get as much as 80% of the invoice value.
    • Fees are 1.5% to 2.5% per month.
  • Small Business Loan
    • Receive a short-term loan up to $250,000.
    • Same-day funding is possible.
    • Term lengths range from 3 to 12 months.
    • Short application time—we require only three months of bank statements.
  • Small Business Loans for Women
    • Funding options for businesswomen between $5000 and $250,000.
    • We do not tell you how to spend your funds.
    • Receive financing in as little as 24–48 hours.
    • Lending options available for businesswomen with bad credit or insufficient requirements for traditional lending institutions.

No matter what your financial needs, Greenbox Capital has a lending solution that will suit your financial situation, so your small business can get ahead. Apply for a small business loan today!