Five Inexpensive and Effective Ways to Promote Your Business

Marketing can be tedious, time consuming, and cost a fortune. However, most businesses cannot reach their potential even with high quality, hard work, simply because they are unable to promote themselves in the market. Marketing campaigns are one of the strongest ways to promote your business and should be done with careful planning. Here we discuss a few inexpensive marketing ideas that are very effective for promoting your company or organization.

1 – Local Listings

local listings

The first, and very important, step in Marketing is to promote your business in the local market. Local websites and directories offer wide promotion and area specific audience attention. Local directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Justdial, Yellowpages, Yelp,, Facebook etc. are few important directories that provide better search engine optimization (SEO) to the business. Most of these directories offer both free and paid listings. While free listings offer a simple business listing, the paid option can give you better visibility and returns. List Yourself is one of the pioneer listing directories which gives its customer power to list their business. The easy to click software can simultaneously list your business on several key platforms in no time. Also, ping the search engine frequently so that the latest information is updated and is visible to customers. Some companies offer business listings on their webpage with full customization capability, Google Map integration, and multiple photo and video uploads. Click on list of directories to get started and try search area specific directories for fast and precise results.


2 – Classified ads


Posting classified ads on business listing websites such as quiker, olx, ebay, amazon, flipkart, etc. is another inexpensive way to advertise products and/or services. Classified ads rank higher in search engines and receive better visibility for longtail search terms. Classified ads are meant for buying and/or selling a product and have limitations in terms of what type of products or services can be offered on these platforms. Both free and paid ads are available. There are few companies which offer auto posting software thereby enabling the user for bulk postings. One of the major differences between local listings and classified ads is that local listings remain forever while classified ads expire in a specific time period.


3 – Email marketing

email marketingAnother inexpensive yet powerful way to reach your customers is email campaigning. The email campaign can be run with bulk email services like Mailchimp. Mail Chimp, for example, offers bulk email services and a well-arranged large database of bulk mails. Email campaign marketing enables the business to reach its existing and new customers to inform them of recent advances. Studies show that emails with pictorial presentation or click options have better response than plain text emails. Click here for an unbiased review on top email marketing software solutions available in the market. Even FREE bulk email services have found to be very effective in marketing business and return great customer response.


4 – Social networking

social networksone of the emerging marketing tools is social networking. Several social networking sites such as facebook, reddit, linkedin, flickr, stumbleupon, youtube, twitter, pinterest, etc offers businesses a platform to reach to its potential customers in various innovative and catchy ways. Creating a fan page or business page on facebook, forming groups on linkedin, creating boards on Pinterest, posting a business related video on Youtube, and other social posting techniques can offer one of the cheapest and most effective marketing responses, however, managing these posts can be cumbersome task. Video posting software allows you to manage all of your social networking posts through a single tool or platform. Video posting software can offer smart post options, multiple profile options, simultaneous posting on several platforms with single click, real time analytics, performance reports and other interesting options and is a must-have tool for social media marketing tool. Click here to learn more on how to get started with social networking.


5 – Print media

Print media advertisingPrint media advertising is an inexpensive and easy way to market your business. Business cards, pamphlets, posters, hoardings, and door hangers are some type of print media that can be distributed in the local area. Print media can offer local marketing for the business, new offers, or events. Websites like Printvista offers online do it yourself design solutions and great discounts on printings. Check out business cards and door hangers for your needs.



There are several ways to market your business but it’s up to you how and when you start your promotion. Marketing requires constant effort and hence several businesses prefer to delegate marketing to other firms or organizations. Hiring a marketing firm can be expensive yet it yields far better results. If an infusion of working capital is all that is needed to get your marketing campaign off the ground, click here and see what Greenbox Capital can do for you.