How to Increase Sales for your Business

If you are a budding entrepreneur or an adept businessman, pitching sales could be your first stage into gaining profit. The command of brand awareness will not put you in the shopping list of prospective buyers if you are a passive seller. But with sales strategies running dull and buyers more knowledgeable than ever on the Art of selling, it is important to choose the right sales approaches that will fit your business.

Below are some of the sales techniques to include in your sales process that will make your buyer’s journey shorter and more promising. New owners and businessmen will surely increase more sales with these methods.

Go with referrals

Utilize our human nature of chit-chatting and social gatherings to your advantage. Small talk with relatives and friends might lead you to your next customers. On a good note, they may even serve as the living testaments to the effectiveness of your products or services. Your current customers are great assets to your business, as they may act as your salesmen in providing you with possible clients.

Attend social gatherings

After using the help of your relatives and friends, you can now extend your client base to social events that will gain you more exposure. More customer interaction could mean greater brand retention, even if your products or services are not their priority. Your goal is to boost client awareness that gives out a message that you could be a possible supplier. It is also a competitive gesture to place your products on social engagements to keep other business professionals at bay.  

Use media outlets

There has been a shift on the landscape of selling nowadays as the customers turn to the power of the internet on buying products. You can utilize social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to boost your brand awareness and lead to that next phone call. However, putting your brand out there in the web takes a lot more effort than you think. As customers turn to social networks as an avenue to share and expand interests, business owners will face challenges such as disseminating industry information that will catch their attention or reposting articles that will shape their lifestyle.  Creating a social media buzz can have a huge impact on your business.  If it is too slow consider adding some social media pay per click with companies like Facebook, Yelp and LinkedIn.  If you need extra funding for this or anything else in your business contact us at Greenbox capital to see what you are eligible for.

Sell a new way of thinking

It is the traditional way of approaching a sale that sometimes frightens prospective customers. The idea of “selling them” against “solving a problem” is what determines if you will persuade that client into your next appointment. Rather than merely trying to close a sale, change your presentation into trying to change their way of thinking. Be more conversational than technical with your sales pitch. Open with a statement that will focus on the client’s problem that your product or service solves than pressuring them into a commitment.  

You need to approach your client and prove that you are the best fit to solve their problem by revealing the truth about their situation. Ask them what essential problems they are trying to solve by not creating a sales pressure.

Build customer relationships

For many small businesses, great value is placed on the number of conversations they have in prospective buyers every day. However, this does not always translate into good sales because of the unattractive sales techniques some salesman use. What most sales people lack is the emphasis on relationship building with their clients. Closing the next sale often requires a lot of patience and effort. What is important is that you are present in every step on the buyer’s journey. Ultimately, the customer wants to feel listened to and that what they came there for was taken care of.  Creating that level of listening and trust can take your sales to the roof!

Relationship building could even lead to tailoring your offerings or products to meet your customers’ need. So be ready to invest your time into those relationships because it could create brand loyalty and brand retention in the long run.

Test every method and try to focus on your company’s goals and vision. Remember that there are no right procedures or steps into making sales. You have the power to mix the mentioned sales techniques according to your resources and time.

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