Leverage Your Business’s Unique Selling Proposition

What makes you so special? Yes, we are trying to push your buttons but in a good way. Get excited about making your business stand out against the competition. The best way to do that it to determine your business’s USP, short for Unique Selling Proposition. Follow our five simple steps to hone in on what your small business does that no one else can do. The one reason customers should choose your company over all others. Don’t think you have a USP? That’s OK too. Follow our 5  steps to uncover an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. It’s your first step to owning your business category.

1st Write down the expected features and benefits of your line of business. Next, conduct a search on Google, Bing and/or Yahoo and research your competition. What are they positioning as their unique benefit to customers? Is it free delivery on items that are so expensive to deliver that no other company will make that offer? How about best customer service backed by awards or proof that you go above and beyond. Check out Hyundai’s promise that if a customer loses their job, they can return their car. That’s certainly a company that has your back.

2nd Think about the emotional need that your business fulfills for your customer. How does your business solve your customer’s problem. Refer to our infographic for insight. Zappos “Best Return Policy Ever” relieves worry customers may have about buying “sight unseen” online. Customers can return whatever they buy –no questions asked — and return delivery is free.

3rd  List advantages you have that you pass on to the customer. How can you solve your customer’s problem better that any of your competitors? Determine your stand out features and circle the ones that you know no one else can copy. Ask yourself what are the key aspects of your business that offer exclusive benefits to your customers.

casper-mattress-guarantee4th Choose your USP. What is it the ONE things that your company can deliver consistently to your customers that is unique. Make sure it is something that you can excel in and back up with proof. Coin a phrase. With this, you are looking for your a way to simply communicate to your customers why your company is the only choice. Casper mattress right now is wowing customers with their “100 night trial with free returns.” Esurance’s slogan is “insurance for the modern world.” Their USP is that customers can use their online tool and get insurance that’s customized exactly to fit their unique needs.

5th Tell your customer what benefit they can count on from you. That benefit should be unique and make them say, “Wow.” Grab their attention and inspire them to take action and become your customer.

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Esurance’s slogan is “insurance for the modern world.” Their USP is that customers can use their online tool and get insurance that’s customized exactly to fit their unique needs.