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You apply for a small business loan¹ to expand your business, hire more hands, and improve your company overall. You’ve come up with some creative ideas on how to get ahead of your competition, and you’ve asked the bank some tough questions. But, there are some things that the bank won’t tell you, even if you ask. You need to dig for answers and be well-informed before applying for a small business loan at a
If you’re operating a small business, you may already be shopping around for a business loan, which means you have probably noticed how much more expensive it is to apply for a small business loan online versus a traditional bank. Before you start questioning the entire financial system, there are some straightforward reasons that online lending solutions tend to cost more: H2 Online Lenders Serve Clientele with Lower Credit Scores Traditional lending solutions aren’t keen
When it comes to the financial management of your small or medium-sized business, you’ll need to be in the know of basic terms and strategies. Not all businesses can afford to do a financial overhaul, but they can modify their daily financial practices that will make significant improvements. Brush Up on Your Lingo The business world has its own terminology, and without knowing the buzzwords, your business will not fare well in keeping up with
Your business is starting to flourish; sales boosted and your conversion rates are higher than ever. But to sustain this growth, you’re going to need more liquidity. Cash flow problems are common in small to medium sized businesses due to the significant upfront costs required. These issues are especially prevalent in an industry where customers do not pay upfront or a lot of inventory is required. By applying for a small business loan, you’re able
Marketing can be tedious, time consuming, and cost a fortune. However, most businesses cannot reach their potential even with high quality, hard work, simply because they are unable to promote themselves in the market. Marketing campaigns are one of the strongest ways to promote your business and should be done with careful planning. Here we discuss a few inexpensive marketing ideas that are very effective for promoting your company or organization. 1 – Local Listings

Top 5 Skills All Entrepreneurs Should Master

Posted by Peter Celnicker on November 13, 2017
Category: Blog
Managing a business requires a number of skills that will ensure smoother and more productive operations. More importantly, these skills will help you steer your organization to stand tall from competition. Whether you consider yourself to be an expert in your field or not, you will benefit from these top 5 skills that all entrepreneurs have to master to guarantee greater success for your business 1- Search Engine Optimization  Marketing has always been one of
It comes as no surprise that the world is shifting online. What was once read on paper is now being read on screens. What was once bought in stores can now be ordered over the internet with just a few clicks. And if you want your business to survive this online age, you will need to have created an online presence.  But having an online presence is different from having an online reputation. Your business
If your business was fortunate enough to receive a small business loan /advance from an awesome Direct Funder like Greenbox Capital, then now is the time to use this advantage to expand and grow your business. Not all businesses are granted a loan/advance so consider yourself lucky because the additional money you will get, can do great things to your business, if it is used wisely. So, before you go off spending the loan/advance you

How to Increase Sales for your Business

Posted by Peter Celnicker on November 13, 2017
Category: Blog
If you are a budding entrepreneur or an adept businessman, pitching sales could be your first stage into gaining profit. The command of brand awareness will not put you in the shopping list of prospective buyers if you are a passive seller. But with sales strategies running dull and buyers more knowledgeable than ever on the Art of selling, it is important to choose the right sales approaches that will fit your business. Below are
For an entrepreneur, choosing the best funding source like Greenbox Capital for their working capital needs is critical.  Securing a small business loan / advance is no walk in the park, and picking one with a 5-star rating that prides itself in Speed, communication and Integrity makes it so much easier. it is natural to feel thrilled once you are granted one. The next challenge is to wisely invest this money to ensure your company’s