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It comes as no surprise that the world is shifting online. What was once read on paper is now being read on screens. What was once bought in stores can now be ordered over the internet with just a few clicks. And if you want your business to survive this online age, you will need to have created an online presence.  But having an online presence is different from having an online reputation. Your business
If your business was fortunate enough to receive a small business loan /advance from an awesome Direct Funder like Greenbox Capital, then now is the time to use this advantage to expand and grow your business. Not all businesses are granted a loan/advance so consider yourself lucky because the additional money you will get, can do great things to your business, if it is used wisely. So, before you go off spending the loan/advance you

How to Increase Sales for your Business

Posted by Peter Celnicker on November 13, 2017
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If you are a budding entrepreneur or an adept businessman, pitching sales could be your first stage into gaining profit. The command of brand awareness will not put you in the shopping list of prospective buyers if you are a passive seller. But with sales strategies running dull and buyers more knowledgeable than ever on the Art of selling, it is important to choose the right sales approaches that will fit your business. Below are
For an entrepreneur, choosing the best funding source like Greenbox Capital for their working capital needs is critical.  Securing a small business loan / advance is no walk in the park, and picking one with a 5-star rating that prides itself in Speed, communication and Integrity makes it so much easier. it is natural to feel thrilled once you are granted one. The next challenge is to wisely invest this money to ensure your company’s

6 Cash Advance Scams To Watch For

Posted by Peter Celnicker on November 2, 2017
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In an unregulated industry, Greenbox Capital,s small business funding is a light in a dark place. Greenbox Capital is committed to not only performing at the highest level of integrity but also to transforming the industry from the inside out. We are transparent about our dealings and take pride in taking a stand against wrong doing within the industry. Committed to the safety of our merchants, we’d like to pass along the following red flags
6 Areas To Consider When Revamping Your Business Website   In this day and age, no business is too small to have a professional website. The truth is, many customers nowadays will turn to the Internet to gain more information about companies that they are not aware of. The second they click on your website, they get a first impression on it that will shape how they perceive your business. Like most things of value

Strengthen Your Gut For Better Decision Making

Posted by gboxsales on February 15, 2017
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Few doubt that we should trust our gut but how many actually follow through on what our intuition tells us? Follow your gut can be a case of “easier said than done” in situations that really count. Yet, all business success stories include several tales of risks and decisions guided by the entrepreneur’s gut.  As a small business owner facing tough decisions daily on business issues as vast as financing, sales, profit, hiring, contracts with new vendors,

Spend Smart on New Technology for Your Business

Posted by gboxsales on February 14, 2017
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Seventy-five percent of small business owners who are optimistic about business growth in 2017 attributed their optimism to technology¹. That’s good to know but the “what” and the “when” are key questions that need to be answered to ensure a smart investment in technology for your small business. Afterall, cash flow is tight and business financing must be used wisely. Sharp gut intuition is a key trait of successful business owners, but so is discernment. How

3 Small Steps For Leaps in Cash Flow

Posted by gboxsales on February 2, 2017
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In the busy life of a small-business owner every day is a step closer to success. Sometimes the pressure of doing so much by yourself clouds the picture. Following are 3 tips to help bring success into sharper focus. 1. Renegotiate Prices With Vendors Every quarter, choose 1-2 items that you buy from vendors that can be renegotiated or obtained from a less expensive or more efficient supplier. Assign the goal to your top achiever or an

The Good Buzz On Alternative Financing

Posted by gboxsales on February 1, 2017
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Speed to market is an advantage within reach of small businesses.  Fast execution of ideas and strategies brings to mind small teams working 12-15 hour days, testing “out-there” products and eventually creating a break through successful business, service or product. Speed to market means being flexible and innovative. It’s precisely what small business need to compete against big businesses that are backed by enormous teams, endless resources, global reach, and massive R&D. Thanks to the