Tips on Improving Online Reputation of Your Business

Tips on Improving Online Reputation of Your Business

It comes as no surprise that the world is shifting online. What was once read on paper is now being read on screens. What was once bought in
stores can now be ordered over the internet with just a few clicks. And if you want your business to survive this online age, you will need to have created an online presence. 

But having an online presence is different from having an online reputation. Your business can be the talk of the town in social media sites, but it can be seen in a bad light as well. This means that as you create an online presence, you should also manage the reputation that goes with it. Luckily, there are many ways to control how people view your business even if it seems impossible. To give you an idea about the things you can do to improve your online reputation, here are a few tips that your business can start doing. 

1- Work on credibility early

If you don’t know where to start in fixing your business’ online reputation, then the first thing you can do is to work on its credibility. To be specific, you should aim to land a spot in the front pages found in the search engine results page (SERP). Studies show that people using search engines only consider the first three websites because they think that Google or any other search engine can determine the credibility of the site. Although there is no proof of this, it doesn’t hurt that your business is always at the top of the list. In this way, online users will get a sense that your website is a go-to in relation to their queries. 

2- Prioritize good and responsive customer service

According to Accenture Strategy’s 2015 study, 64% of online users they surveyed switched brands or products when they experienced bad customer service online. A 2016 assessment by Salesforce Research also showed that 66% of the people they surveyed changed brands when they felt that they were being treated as one of the many customers the business has. 

The insight you can get here is that customers want to feel that they are special. They don’t want to feel that they are talking to a machine that gives automated responses. Instead, they want to feel that they are being attended to and that their concerns matter to the business. You would be surprised to know that those customers who feel special because of how a business has treated them become the most effective marketing tool for the business. 

To add to that, your business’ customer service should also be responsive. This is not limited to answering customer questions online. It can also be affirming comments talking about how good your product is and how good your service is. 

3- Answer negative reviews and encourage positive ones

This is the same with answering inquiries online and affirming positive comments. However, you should also spend more time in looking at reviews because a lot of people, especially first-time buyers of the product, rely heavily on customer reviews. If they see that your product or service has a lot of negative reviews, they can get turned off by this. But you can turn the situation around when the buyer sees that you’ve responded to these reviews. 

In a situation where you get negative feedback from a customer, you can respond by acknowledging their concern and assuring them that you are doing what you can to address it. When buyers see this, they will somehow feel that you are always concerned about how your customers feel about using your product. 

Even Greenbox Capital must deal with this on occasion.  We as a company are very proud of our A+ score on BBB and are considered to be one of the few 5-star direct funders in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry.

4- Always be in the loop

This means that you should always be present in such a way that you know what is going on about your reputation. It helps to follow people online especially on social media because this will increase the scope you have. If you haven’t noticed, this is what some online shops are doing on Instagram. They follow people who they know could be interested in the product they are offering. 

It can also be an avenue for you to monitor what people are saying about your business. Knowing this can shed insight on the pains and gains of customers that they do not openly say to your business. 

5- Spread good experiences about your product

You often find this on Facebook whenever a business shares customer experiences that talk about how they enjoyed using their product. Spreading successful stories about your business is always helpful because people who will read this can be convinced about how good your product is.  Please email us HowMuch@Greenbox.Capital at or call us at 855-442-3423 to speak with one of our Senior Funding Advisors.  To apply for Working Capital click here and fill out our simple application.