Business Financing For Dry Cleaners

If you’re in the dry cleaning business, you know the value of attention to detail. Your customers look to you for expert linen cleaning delivered quickly and conveniently. At Greenbox Capital, our goal is to provide you with that same high-priority, quality service throughout your small-business funding process.

Just like you cater to your specific market demands by providing same-day service or concierge pickup and delivery, we fit our funding solutions to meet the unique demands of your dry cleaning business. As champions of small business success, we pride ourselves on our easy, no hassle application process. We offer an experience that’s refreshingly different than banks, credit unions and other traditional lending institutions. After all, it’s no secret that traditional lenders cater to big business that has the time and, ironically, the money to wait weeks and months for approval. Choose Greenbox Capital where you can get funded — actual cash in hand — as quickly as 24 hours. 

Unlike banks, we won’t make your hunt down old tax returns and business files. We know your time can be better spent deciding if you should invest in a dry cleaning franchise, offer shoe repair or embark on a new customer rewards program. Our wide range of business financing programs can get $5,000 to $250,000 in your hands as quickly as 24 hours and require little paperwork. Further improving your opportunity for success, Greenbox Capital business financing doesn’t require collateral and is not based solely on your credit score.

Since we are a direct funder with no middleman markup or other constraints, we have the flexibility to create customized and affordable funding programs. When considering financing approval and credit amount, our team of in-house underwriters review your business stability, cash flow, as well as trends in your industry. This enables us to make an offer that’s both affordable and sensible. As your partner in business growth, the key for mutual success is a funding solution that fits seamlessly into your business operations. That means not only starting the process off easy but also arranging for easy payback methods.

Uses for Working Capital

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Expansion or Remodeling
  • New Equipment or Technology Purchase
  • Licensing Renewals
  • Employee Training
  • Franchise Investment
  • Launch New Line of Revenue
  • Marketing

Advantages of Greenbox Capital Business Funding

  • Easy, Fast Online Application 
  • Qualifications Less Stringent than Banks
  • Low Credit and No Collateral OK
  • No Restriction on Funding Use
  • First-Rate Customer Service & Quick Response
  • Same-Day Funding Possible

Qualifications for working capital small-business loans¹ and merchant cash advances² include a minimum average of $7,500 revenue over the past three months and at least 6 months of operation. There’s no restriction on the use of funds, and a low credit score is not an automatic disqualification.

Small businesses can get approved for an unsecured merchant cash advance equal to 70% or 100% of their monthly revenue and funding can be accessed as quickly as 24 hours. A business line of credit provides the flexibility to draw on cash as needed. Renewals with business lines of credit are possible without 50% payback of the original advanced amount. We also offer special programs such as 3 Stip Business Cash Advance and an Early Pay-Off option. Additionally, ask about collateral-backed options for a merchant cash advance or short-term small business loan if your cash flow doesn’t meet unsecured business funding requirements.

Repaying a Business Cash Advance

Also called “credit card receivable funding” or “sale of future receivables” a Merchant Cash Advance is the purchase of future receivables. It’s not only one of the fastest ways to get a financial boost for your business but it also comes with fully-automated payback methods.

Repayment options include Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments or split funding through your credit card processor or lockbox. ACH payments are fixed amounts that are deducted daily or weekly from your business bank account and are ideal for the business owner who feels secure knowing the amount of the payment in advance. Another method is split funding, which syncs the payment amount with your credit card receipts. If your business experiences seasonal ups and downs or you just want a payment schedule closely aligned with sales, split funding could be the way to go. A split funding payment schedule is based on a fixed percentage of credit card receipts. The credit card receipts will vary according to sales, but the percentage of the receipts due as payback is agreed upon in advance.

¹ Greenbox Capital Small Business Loans may not be available in all regions of the United States or Canada.
² Greenbox Capital Merchant Cash Advances may not be available in all regions of the United States or Canada.

For a free consultation, please complete our application or contact our Merchant Account Service Team.