Business Loans and Advances after Bankruptcy

Business Loans and Advances after Bankruptcy

Some actions can backfire or fail in business causing heavy financial losses. Such losses can even halt the business, forcing management to file for bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy can be embarrassing and damaging to the future success of the business and its reputation. The process of filing bankruptcy is complex and long. Also, while filing for bankruptcy one must be aware of the future consequences and impact on the business with this decision. According to experts, bankruptcy is often a last-ditch effort to save a business which also may be the last nail in the coffin for an already dying business. The bankruptcy history can affect business for years after filing, negatively impacting applications for business loan, advance, credit lease and other items. The bankruptcy can influence nearly the next ten years of financials and is considered to be one of the most influential and strongly negative factors in the credit history of an individual or company. Most businesses with a history of bankruptcy will be denied for a business loan or advance by traditional banks and lenders but at Greenbox Capital we can help you with your financial troubles. Greenbox Capital has specialized merchant cash advances for bad credit businesses after bankruptcy. Our business loan/advance model for bad credit business allows you to receive cash advances after certain types of bankruptcy.  For more information on how to secure working capital for your business with a bankruptcy, please call us at (305) 952-3200 option 1, option 2 to speak with an experienced senior funding advisor.

Our specialised business advances

Greenbox Capitals’ specialised business merchant cash advances are designed for providing financial assistance to businesses with bad credit history or bankruptcy, as we do not focus on your past credit history or credit score. Our application process is quite fast and easy. A senior funding advisor will get in touch with you to get a better understanding of your financial needs and explain all of the options available to you.

Greenbox Capital provides borrowers with working capital against the minor share of projected revenues. Our merchant cash advances do not carry interest of any kind, rather Greenbox Capital purchases a small amount of future receivables at discounted price also known as the factor rate. The loan/advance amount for these bad credit businesses can range from $5000 to $250,000. This special merchant cash advance for business owners with poor credit and perhaps even bankruptcy will enable you to invest handsomely into your business while also meeting your recurring financial demands. Generally, there are two types of merchant cash advances. Businesses that process a significant percentage of their revenue through credit cards, may be offered a credit card split and can ask for the funder to keep a percentage share of future credit card revenues and these funds may be kept in a “lock box”.  Most businesses on the other hand receive payments through checks or bank deposits and these, more traditional form of a merchant cash advances, will debit from a fixed amount from the business bank account, daily. This is called an ACH.

Greenbox Capital offers merchant cash advances to businesses receiving payments through credit cards. Greenbox Capital will audit your sales and establish an average daily sales share amount which is agreeable with you. This amount of average daily share will be deducted electronically until the advanced amount is paid back. The major benefits of such loan/advance schedule are that there is no need to worry about lump sum monthly payment and there is no need for advanced cheques or to do tasking. Moreover, if your business is not doing well then, the monthly share will be reduced in proportion to your revenues and will not further burden you or your business.

Greenbox Capital ACH Business Loans/Advances

Greenbox Capital ACH Business Loans/advances are offered to companies which do not accepts credit card as much as they receive the majority of their monthly revenue in deposits, checks and wires. The ACH business loans/advance works similarly as business cash advance, but needs slightly higher qualifications. The loan/advance repayment is deducted via and ACH i.e. the instalments will be deducted from the business bank account.

The above are few of the many business advances offered by Greenbox Capital. Greenbox Capital also specializes in business financing, invoice factoring and we also customise loans/advances to our esteemed small business clients to suits their needs and business. Our payment options are customer friendly and flexible. We understand if your business is going through a rough patch and will support you in every possible way.

If you are a small business, with a history of bankruptcy, seeking a business loan/advance then this webpage can support your working capital needs. Simply apply here for a Greenbox Capital to get started and your business can begin to grow with us.

Merchant Cash Advances
for Bad Credit Business Loan/Advances

As already discussed, any businesses that has undergone bankruptcy may be seriously harmed by this and can have had its credit score negatively affected. It can seriously influence bank decisions in granting loan and makes it almost impossible to get your FICO as good as pre- bankruptcy. Moreover, with no financial assistance, your business may tend to suffer losses and even another bankruptcy. Such losses may even result in complete closure of the business or levy of criminal charges against the board. Such businesses are in bad need of financial support to come out of their shock phase. Greenbox Capital merchant capital advances designed for bad credit or bankruptcy might be the solution for your failing business.

At Greenbox Capital we believe that each business deserves a second chance. The bankruptcy can be due to several economic and market related factors that can happen with any business. Greenbox Capital does not rely on credit history and score and believes that the decision for approving business loan/advance should rely on your business potential and relation of trust. That is why we provide business loans/advances with bad credit to small business or businesses with bankruptcy. If you are small business with potential and believe that you are eligible for our business loan/advance then just give us a call at (305) 952-3200 option1, option 2 or click here to start the application process and we will make sure that to do our best to get you the business loan/advance you need.