Collateral loans can be the perfect solution for those who are looking for loans that offer the best rates, low interest payments and minimal impact on cash flow. Collateral loans leave savings accounts intact and avoid the high-interest rates of unsecured loans and lines of credit.

Borrowers can qualify for larger amounts with collateral loans compared to revenue-based financing without hard collateral. Unsecured loans, like consumer credit cards or a Merchant Cash Advance with no hard collateral, will always have higher costs than a collateral loan program.

When debt is high and credit history is not up to par, collateral loans are easier to get than unsecured loans because the lender has the the collateral as recourse if the borrower is unable to pay. This type of business loan will have a positive effect on the credibility of the business, which is an excellent benefit. Rather than maxing out credit cards or considering a home-refinance, take a close look at collateral loans. It may be the best business loan solution for your business.

Collateral Loans – a Review

A collateral loan, from a non-bank lender like Greenbox Capital, is a secured loan that uses real estate as collateral to reduce the cost of the loan similar to a bank, but unlike a bank the money is obtained easily and quickly.

Yet, not all collateral loans are the same. Lenders may have different qualifications, loan limits, and terms attached to the loan. The terms will depend on the borrower’s business bank account (healthy cash flow), the owner’s background, personal credit, repayment history, and the value and type of collateral.

At Greenbox Capital, we keep our collateral loans simple. When you secure a loan with us, you will be surprised at how quickly the application can be completed. Unlike banks, we won’t need extensive debt-to-asset documentation or your retirement fund as collateral. We strive to make our collateral loans accessible to those who have the appropriate collateral.

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Advantages of Greenbox Capital’s Collateral Loans

If you are able to repay the loan promptly until it is repaid, then our collateral loans offer a low-risk opportunity with many advantages. Secured loans are always easier to get approved than unsecured loans, so the application and process are straightforward.

  • Once your asset is appraised, the balance of the loan process involves providing standard documents, nothing excessive.
  • There are no restrictions on how the funds are used.
  • Borrowers with low credit scores are accepted!
  • We offer comprehensive loan servicing, tailored to your business.
  • The terms and conditions on our loans have built-in flexibility.
  • Our collateral loans are processed much more quickly than a typical financial institution.
  • We approve loans to Canadian and US-based businesses.
  • If you require additional financing, other cash advance products are available.

Our goal is to make working capital attainable as expediently as possible. We understand that small and medium businesses are often dependent on the economy, spending trends, and sometimes even weather conditions. Therefore, it makes sense that there will be instances when additional funds would be extremely advantageous and necessary.

After all, according to data from the Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, companies with less than 500 workers made up 99.7 percent of small businesses.

According to Canadian statistics, nearly the same percentage (97.9 percent) of small businesses make up the country’s business profile.

We are committed to providing loans without putting our clients through excessive and lengthy processes. Therefore, we invite you to review the details of our preferred collateral loan. It is one of the most popular loans with small business owners who are interested in a longer-term than that which is offered in a typical small business loan.

Greenbox Capital’s Preferred Collateral Loan

We are lenders that are interested in providing working capital to small and medium businesses. Collateral loans are just one of the types of loans that we offer, so if this is not for you, consider our other loan products.

Our secured personal loan requirements are lower than many financial companies. We only ask for real estate or developed land that is valued at $100,000 and above. If the property is rented and generates revenue, the situation is even more advantageous, and the terms are even better.

Collateral loans are less risky to Greenbox Capital, which is what allows you to get better interest rates than that of credit cards or other unsecured loans. With a collateral loan, the borrower assumes the risk. If the loan is not repaid, possession of the collateral will serve as repayment for the loan. (This is the main reason we cannot accept anyone’s primary residence as collateral.)

Additional Details

At Greenbox Capital, our loans and processes are always simplified. When you are ready to move forward, there is no reason to be concerned about a complex and time-consuming process. We have intentionally streamlined our systems to make it easy to get started.

Our loan specialists are always available for a personal consultation, which is extremely helpful when you are not completely certain about the specifics for your business.

Our collateral loan conditions of agreement are as follows:

  • Minimum loan amount is $50,000
  • Maximum loan amount is $250,000
  • Minimum revenue in bank statements – $7,500
  • Minimum collateral – $100,000

Requirements for submission

Our submission requirements are more relaxed than most any other financial institution anywhere – that includes traditional or non-direct companies.

See for yourself:

  • We will need 3 months of business bank statements and current mortgage statement if the property carries debt.
  • We will also require a recent property appraisal from within the last six months or a screenshot of a county tax bill.
  • Real estate used as collateral cannot be the primary residence. After all, we would never want anyone to put their home at risk, even though we are confident our clients are dependable.
  • Transaction costs will be paid by the borrower and include the appraisal, title search, attorney’s fees, mortgage filing fees, and possibly more.

Use Your Collateral Loan for…

  • Large purchases and/or expenses
  • Business expansion
  • Equipment purchases
  • Mergers or acquisitions
  • Inventory
  • Business revenue stability
  • And more!

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I have worked with Greenbox over the last couple years when I find the need for working capital and they always provide me with a plan that fits my needs and goals. I would recommend Greenbox to any small business seeking extra funding.I have worked with Greenbox over the last couple years when I find the need for working capital and they always provide me with a plan that fits my needs and goals. I would recommend Greenbox to any small business seeking extra funding.

Charity Hannah

Quick & Check, LLC gas station

All of us at Quick & Check, LLC have benefited from Greebox Capital’s excellent service, and important contributions to our company’s growth and progress.All of us at Quick & Check, LLC have benefited from Greebox Capital’s excellent service, and important contributions to our company’s growth and progress.

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Excellent, Professional, Fast, and Honest. This is the second time I have used Greenbox for my needs and they come through as promised. No hassles just professional service. I highly recommend the guys and gals there.

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Greenbox Capital is our go to experts in small business loans. They are fast, professional and legit! Thank you Greenbox Capital!

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I had an overall good experience with this company. I would recommend them to any small business owner. Staff was very kind and helpful. Would definitely use in the future if I need them.

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