Dental Practice Business Loans/Advances

Dental Practice Business Loans/Advances

Much like any other reasonable business, opening a dental practice can, initially, dig deep into the pocket of the owner. And like any other business, there are times when additional financing is required. When there is no hard cash at hand, short term business loans/advances may be the solution. In such situations, you can take out dental practice cash advances that will help keep your business afloat. You too can enjoy our merchant cash advance program that has assisted many businesses, like yours, allowing them business to grow as they should. With a Dentistry capital advances, instead of one practice, you can enjoy running more than one practice in different locations. If opening up a new location is not your goal, at the moment, then you can simply expand your current practice. No need to stop by our offices, simply enjoy our easy to use online application and start the process of determining just how much financing your business qualifies for.

Dental Practice Expansion

If your practice is constantly congested, that means that you are doing something right. As such, you may consider looking into expanding the practice to accommodate your large clientele. Not many businesses, if any at all, have the pleasure of determining just how successful they will be once they open shop. A dental practice is no different. With the increased number of clients comes a need for more space.  With expansion, comes a need for additional financing to cater to added costs, such as, additional employees, new equipment, in addition to a number of other expenses. Business funding comes in handy in such situations. We offer that much needed financing to take your practice to the next level. All you need to qualify is to have a business that has been in operation for at least five months. We will take a look at your bank statements for the last three months and determine whether or not you qualify for funding.

The beauty of our funding program is that we don’t use a magnifying glass to take a look at your credit and you don’t have to worry about application costs. When you apply for funding, we take a look at your case and get back to you within 24 hours. At that time, you will get a good idea as to the amount of financing your business will be getting.

Dental Equipment Financing

Overtime, your dental equipment may need replacing or you may need to acquire additional equipment for your practice. We do provide dental equipment financing and merchant cash advances tailor suited for dental practices that will help you purchase the much-needed dental chairs, carts or tables among others. With our business loans/advances ranging from $5,000 to $250,000, we make it possible for you to upgrade your practice with new equipment.

Good & Bad Credit Financing Options

If you have a bad credit history, don’t fret. Greenbox Capital provides bad credit business loans/advances to businesses that quality. With such a plan in place, even businesses with low credit scores stand to benefit from the much needed financing to expand.

A large number of dental practices look to Greenbox Capital to help keep their businesses afloat and expand. This makes us a trusted and reputable lender in the market. With our competitive rates and flexible terms, your dental practice can enjoy any one of our funding programs. Click here to apply now or pick up the phone and give us a call-(305) 952-3200 option 1, option 2.