Funding Solutions for Doctors And Healthcare Offices

A doctor holds the most prestigious occupation in United States. Annually, surveys such as the Harris Poll show 90% of Americans choose being a physician as the most esteemed profession and their dream job for their son or daughter. But new realities facing the medical industry, doctors especially, threaten the rewards of being a physician. Increased regulations, heavier patient load, higher overhead and reduced reimbursement from insurance and Medicare are chasing a lot of doctors out of private practice. But not all…

Physician jobs are seen as prestigious but they face growing financial challenges. Flexible and affordable funding solutions from Greenbox Capital can help.

Some doctors are holding steadfast to their dream of being in private practice, offering community-based care and staying their own boss. How are they managing to resist closing their practice and becoming a hospital staff doctor? Greenbox Capital offers financial products to help physicians keep their independent practices viable. Certainly, physicians, many of whom spend 15 years or longer in school from the time of college entry, deserve support so they can continue fulfilling their vital role in society.

At Greenbox Capital, our team of funding advisors provide flexible financing options that enable doctors in private practice to prosper. Access to working capital puts physicians in control of their business’s future. Through merchant cash advances¹ or small business loans²,  doctors can evolve their practice along with the current changes in healthcare. A small business loan can enable an investment into an Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) or provide the funding needed to revamp an entire practice and transform into a boutique or concierge model. 


Small Business Financing Comparison
Greenbox Capital
Bank, Credit Union, other traditional lender

Cash received

As soon as 24 hours

Weeks or months

Application requirements

Fast, easy online application

Little paperwork. 3 months of bank statements

“Soft credit pull.” Does not impact credit. Bad credit not automatic disqualifier

Slow, in-person, complex application

At least one year of bank statements and tax returns

Background check, credit and business references


Low credit score OK

No collateral OK

6 months in business

No restrictions on funding use 

Excellent credit  

Collateral or cash assets required

Requires long business history 

Restrictions on funding use

In order to survive during changing times, independent physicians are adopting new business models:

  • Concierge or boutique model. Doctors provide medical services to patients and get paid a retainer for the services or fee per services provided.  In this direct contract model, physicians usually offer “around-the”clock” care through emails, telephone availability and even make house calls. 
  • Partnering in an Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). In this model, the physicians can reduce administrative workload and overhead by partnering with hospitals and other groups to deliver Medicare services. 
  • Patient Centered Medical Homes. In this delivery model primary care doctors regain their central role their patient’s care. The physician coordinates the care in partnership with other clinicians and specialists within their partnership. Care is closely coordinated in close communication with the patient and their family. Costs for running this medical model are shared among the partners within the Patient Centered Medical Home.

The above are just a few of the choices physicians have to preserve their dream of staying in independent practice and delivering direct quality patient care.  

Business cash advances or small business loans from Greenbox Capital are easy to obtain and cash up to $250,000 can be deposited into your account as fast as 24 hours. With a goal of keeping small businesses and independent doctors strong and in professions viewed by the country as prestigious and vital, Greenbox Capital offers special financial options for medical practices. Unlike banks and other traditional lenders, Greenbox Capital is an alternative lender and caters to the challenges that independent professionals face. 

¹ Greenbox Capital Merchant Cash Advances may not be available in all regions of the United States or Canada.
² Greenbox Capital Small Business Loans may not be available in all regions of the United States or Canada.

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