High Risk Business Loans / Merchant Cash Advances

Lending/advancing money to small businesses can be a risky task. Even when small businesses have lots of potential with adequate finances and some access to working capital, most of the banks/lenders do not lend/advance these businesses money. Even though small businesses have a lesser risk of faulting on their payment schedules or defaulting on their loan/advance amounts, larger lending institutions like Banks will not touch them.  It ultimately comes down to risk and profitability.  The risk/reward for a bank or large lender is simply not worth it to offer a product similar to a Merchant Cash Advance like we offer at Greenbox Capital.

Greenbox Capital provides advances to these small business owners lacking dependable credit history or significant secured assets. Greenbox Capital evaluates these small business based upon their good value rather than financial assets or credit.  Greenbox Capital is looking a financial snapshot of the last 3 months of a business and really evaluating the health of the company so we can support growing Small Business Owners like yourself with the working capital you need to grow your company. The business loans/advances for small businesses are quite simple and fast. We offer several types of business advances for almost all small to medium size businesses and specialise in providing you customised business advances which suits your comfort and business. Our priority is your success and your success is our satisfaction.

Why your business is a high risk for banks and money lenders?

Several restaurants, cafe, construction companies, travel agencies, small entertainment companies, seasonal business or recent start-ups are all considered to be high risk by the banking industry. The main reason behind this categorization is due to higher chances of business closure or failure, initial loss or latent period, inconsistent market and income, lack of long credit history and more factors. Small businesses have less financial solvency and can be significantly impacted by minor fluctuations in the economy or simple variables of the market creating a level of risk that banks and other money lenders are simply not comfortable lending to. All these companies may find it difficult to get a loan/advance on their business from the banks but at Greenbox Capital they will get an opportunity to have a real working Capital partner that is committed and invested in their continued success.

Greenbox Capital is a trusted name in providing business merchant cash advances on small or high-risk business. We understand that each and every company, be it small or large needs good financial backup and if given opportunity and ample finances, these small businesses can do exceptionally well. Greenbox Capital offers small business advances with reasonable factor rates and a low rejection rate.  To see how much working capital your company is eligible for either call us at (305) 953-3200 option 1, option 2 or click here to apply now.

How we choose?

All the above facts don’t necessarily mean that Greenbox Capital will advance money to all small or high-risk businesses. We evaluate each and every applying business based upon its trustworthiness and market potential. We do not look for long history of credits, consistent profits, investments and other financial factors. If our board feels that the business has potential and that with good working capital and the management of the business can be entrusted with advance repayment, then you they can get a bad credit business advance.

We at Greenbox Capital want your business to grow and we are there to help you in achieving your goals. So, if you are one of the small businesses looking for business loan/advance, then contact us immediately and apply for our small business loan available at low rates and easy payment options.

Drop us a mail, call or fill out our form and one of our senior funding advisors managers will get in touch with you. We guarantee the satisfaction and financial security you are looking for.