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Small Business Loans/Advances for Hotel Owners

The hotel business can be brutal especially when business gets slow. As with any small business owner, cash is king and when day to day operations slow down or much needed renovations are needed what can be done outside of typical bank loans?  It is known in the Hotel Industry that the smaller the operation, the more difficult it is to get approved for a small business loan.  However, even in the slow season, the business still needs to remain operational. What happens when funding is needed to stay afloat? Small business loans/advances for hotels come in handy in such situations. Such loans/advances can help the business stay afloat until business picks up again. With our lending/funding experience, borrowing/funding is not a slow and difficult process. All you have to do is fill out an easy to use online application form, submit it and wait for our response within 3-5 business hours.  Click here to apply now.

Bad Credit or Low occupancy

Some hotel owners think that it isn’t possible to get a small business loan/advance with bad credit or with low occupancy. Most financial lenders such as banks will decline you over and over again without significant collateral such as the property itself.  These financial institutions will not consider lending/funding to hotels due to bad credit or low occupancy, we are a different opinion. With our business advances designed for Hotel owners we look beyond the credit or occupancy. This is what makes our qualification process so flexible, rendering us one of the leading loan providers for hotels. With our easy to use online application form, your business can also start the process of applying for and receiving a business advance from $5,000 to $250,000.

Hotel or Motel Expansion

If you own a hotel or motel and are looking to expand then you can make use of one of our business loans/advances. We provide flexible financing to such businesses to grow and expand. Our application process is not only easy but is relatively fast thus ensuring that you get your funding answer in a short amount of time.

Please give Greenbox Capital a call at (305) 952-3200 option 1, option 2 to speak with a senior funding advisor about our special working capital advances designed for Hotel owners.  We offer a number of financial products designed just for you.  To start the application process, click here and one of our professionals will contact you within 1-2 business hours.