Our Loan Maintenance

Once you’ve funded a loan, let Greenbox Capital’s team of experts provide the ongoing maintenance required throughout the life of the loan. As a frontline connection to your borrowers, we match our signature customer service with comprehensive, best-in-class loan servicing. Whether your loan portfolio includes Merchant Cash Advances or small business loans, trust our expertise and innovative technology to provide both you, the lender, and your client borrower with an experience that drives business forward. Count on Greenbox Capital’s accounting and legal team to ensure compliance and efficiency for successful returns on your small business loans and Merchant Cash Advances paid back through Automated Clearing House (ACH), Lock Box or Split Funding.

Greenbox Capital’s Loan Servicing Is Customizable. We Offer:

  • Daily, detailed reports on the status of your loan portfolio repayments
  • Loss mitigation
  • Daily reconciliation of accounts
  • Monthly audits 
  • Monthly account summaries for borrowers
  • Delinquency notification and tracking
  • Pre-collection outreach to your customers
  • Collections
  • Payoff letters provided at no cost to borrowers
  • Payoff management
  • Litigation network across the US, Puerto Rico and Canada

loan servicing


After a lender approves financing, more than physical assets are at stake. Company reputation and customer relationships are key intangibles which must be nurtured and continually strengthened. Reputation is the key to businesses success and growth and directly impacts the bottom line. Word of mouth referrals are the No. 1 influence on customer decision-making ¹ and the cost of gaining new customers is 5 times the cost of retaining existing customers.²

As a private lender, with more than 30 years collective experience among our leadership team, Greenbox Capital understands firsthand the importance of compliance, attention to detail and timely executions of all required actions. We’re especially proud of our multi-process loss mitigation infrastructure guided by the principles of accuracy, transparency, accessibility, actionability and accountability.  When Greenbox Capital services small business loans and business cash advances, we share our commitment to be the best with you, the lender, and your borrower clients. Count on Greenbox Capital to help you stand out among the competition.

¹ Source: “Under the Influence: Consumer Trust in Advertising” 2013, Nielsen.com
² Source: “Customer Acquisition Vs. Retention Costs – Statistics And Trends”  http://www.invespcro.com/blog/customer-acquisition-retention/


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