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Pharmacy loans from Greenbox Capital cater to independent pharmacists who want to expand their services by investing in specialist training and offering more on-site patient services. Independent pharmacists can also use a pharmacy loan to get cash flow for growing the size of their business, as well as acquiring a business or purchasing equipment. If you need access to working capital, complete our simple application and send three months’ worth of business bank statements; this will allow us to assess your qualifications for our various products. The approval process for a small business pharmacy loan is very easy, and most businesses get approved.

Most of us admit to feeling overwhelmed in the midst of our full-time, full-speed, all-access digital age. If you’re a small business owner seeking advice on operating and growing your company, but you cannot maneuver through the massive amount of information, your situation can get urgent pretty quickly. You need a pharmacy funding solution if you’re an independently owned and operated pharmacy. Otherwise, how do you diversify your revenue stream, and “find your niche,” as recommended by a pharmacist continuing education provider? Even though the advice seems contradictory, it’s possible to mesh the two and create a burgeoning independent pharmacy. That’s where Greenbox Capital comes in with our pharmacy funding. Having access to working capital enables your business to be nimble, strategic, and smart. While the precise details on your journey to success vary, you can be sure that access to working capital is a proven requirement. It’s your key to fulfilling your potential as a prosperous small business enterprise that dispenses medications and provides patients with a frontline connection to their drug therapy.

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Independent Pharmacy Niche Opportunities

Find a niche opportunity that will improve your business, such as:

  • Offer special clinics more than on-site services. Bring your flu shot clinics and blood pressure screenings to local businesses.
  • Add compounding services.
  • Invest in training for your pharmacists to become specialists, such as HIV or Geriatric-certified.

After you zero in on a strategy to discover and fine-tune your niche, you’ll also want to add new revenue streams to prevent dependence on any specialty that could be vulnerable to inherent uncertainties. We have designed pharmacy lending strategies that will help you get ahead of the competition.

Independent Pharmacy Diversification Opportunities

Consider these diversification options for assisting your customers:

  • Capitalize on technology and launch telepharmacy services. You will benefit from growing your customer base without increasing pharmacy staff.
  • Increase your inventory offering by adding medical supplies.
  • Add specialty drug dispensing to your menu. Specialty pharmacies have been called a “gold rush” with over 40% of drugs in development falling within this category.

The economic outlook for independent pharmacies is bright. They still outnumber big chain pharmacies , even though they are currently facing some of the toughest challenges in their history. Decreased reimbursement rates, exclusion by PBMs for Medicare prescription drug plans, and the steady growth of chains and supermarket pharmacies make it crucial for independent pharmacies to secure their future now. They can do this with Greenbox Capital’s pharmacy funding solutions. As stated above, it’s true that, as an owner of an independently-owned pharmacy, you need to retain your unique value to customers and strengthen the hallmark of what you truly are: a trusted community partner.

How to Finance Your Pharmacy Success

Pharmacies usually have high-volume credit card transactions, which makes them particularly suited for Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) services from Greenbox Capital. Also called “credit card receivable funding,” it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to obtain a cash infusion for your business growth. Business cash advances from Greenbox Capital can be as small as $5,000 as a short-term pharmacy finance solution to cover payroll or handle an emergency repair. A more substantial business cash advance of up to $250,000 in working capital is also possible. Whatever amount your business qualifies for, a long and prosperous future is available in as few as 24 hours.

Small business enterprises averaging $7,500 monthly revenue or more for each of the past three months can qualify for any of our products, such as a Merchant Cash Advance. With an MCA, a business can typically expect to see an approval between 70-100% of their monthly revenue, up to $250,000. Applying is easy and quick. We ask for very little paperwork, and no personal collateral is required. Qualification is primarily based on the strength of the business. Poor personal credit history is not an automatic disqualification for a small business pharmacy loan or Merchant Cash Advance. Since our aim is your success, our funding advisors and in-house underwriters make decisions based on your business’s stability and potential; this is where Greenbox Capital’s strengths as a direct and alternative lender really make a difference.

Greenbox Capital: Positively Different from a Bank

We have no middlemen markups, so our business advances are affordable. Plus, we are not bound by stringent pharmacy lending requirements like banks are. They rely on your credit score, as well as review months of bank statements and years of tax returns. Banks reject most small pharmacy business loan applications due to the size of the loan, type of business, or credit reasons.

Come to Greenbox Capital and experience something positively different from banks. We provide personal service and take an up-close and personal look at your business when making our decisions. We believe in small business success and focus on providing the financial support these companies across the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada so vitally need.

If your sales volume or credit card receipts are not strong enough for an unsecured Merchant Cash Advance or small pharmacy business loan, ask Greenbox Capital funding advisors about collateral-backed or asset-backed financing. You could qualify for a cheaper rate with collateral-backed financing. Greenbox Capital has designed convenient and automated payback options to reduce your workload and stress. Our options are also customizable for easy integration into your business’ operations.

Most business owners prefer our first payback model—Automated Clearing House (ACH)—because they can closely track and manage their cash flow. This law firm financing solution consists of a fixed amount deducted from your business’ bank account either on a daily or weekly schedule. Your advance can always be renewed or have an increased limit after you’ve paid 50% of the cash advance.

Your business may qualify for a Business Line of Credit, in which case you can get fast access to funds and not immediately pay back 50% of the original advanced amount.

Let Your Pharmacy Stand on Its Own Two Feet

Take advantage of our other law firm financing solutions. We have an Early Pay-Off program that provides businesses with a factor rate reduction when you pay 30, 60, or 90 days from the date of funding. Or, receive funding before paying off other lenders with our Escrow Program. Greenbox Capital also has a 2 Stip Business Cash Advance Program, so you can have up to $30,000 in fast funds. All you need to provide us with is a voided check, driver’s license, and bank account verification.

For a free consultation, please complete our application, or contact our Merchant Account Service Team to learn more about our pharmacy loans.

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I have worked with Greenbox over the last couple years when I find the need for working capital and they always provide me with a plan that fits my needs and goals. I would recommend Greenbox to any small business seeking extra funding.I have worked with Greenbox over the last couple years when I find the need for working capital and they always provide me with a plan that fits my needs and goals. I would recommend Greenbox to any small business seeking extra funding.

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All of us at Quick & Check, LLC have benefited from Greebox Capital’s excellent service, and important contributions to our company’s growth and progress.All of us at Quick & Check, LLC have benefited from Greebox Capital’s excellent service, and important contributions to our company’s growth and progress.

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