Business loans and financing for Retail Stores

Transform your blood, sweat, and tears into a prosperous business with our retail business loans. We know that store owners are faced with many highs and lows on a daily basis that affect cash flow, customer service, inventory, and invoicing. Keeping a retail business going as well as growing is a challenge. The solution is to find retail business loans that suit your business. 

Small and mid-sized business owners can’t always rely upon banks to provide them with retail store financing because of the instability of the industry. Greenbox Capital is an alternative lender that focuses on business performance, cash flow, and potential when verifying a business’ qualifications for retail store financing. We even work with small businesses that have poor or bad credit to find a solution because Greenbox Capital is aware that a credit score is not always a good indicator of a business’ state.

Rest Easy with our Retail Business Loans

When business owners are shopping for a second location, in need of new equipment, or want to renovate, finding capital becomes their main—and worrisome—priority. Our retail business loans take away the stress store owners feel when they need funding for expansion. With our hassle-free approval process, you have the opportunity to receive same-day retail store financing to support your business and propel it towards a secure future, whether it’s in Canada, the US, or Puerto Rico.

Many women who own a business still face the challenge of being accepted for funding as often as men. When women don’t receive adequate retail store financing, it affects every aspect of their business, from hiring employees to renting office space to purchasing inventory. Greenbox Capital is proud to assist women entrepreneurs in growing their business. Regain independence with our retail business loans and other methods of retail store financing!

At Greenbox Capital, you will enjoy the benefit of not having to produce a complicated business plan, growth projections, or funding intentions. Our retail business loans have no restrictions when it comes to how you will use the funding. Knowing that business owners are busy, we require little documentation, such as the last three months of bank statements. On the off chance that you disclose what you will do with the funding from one of our retail business loans, our funding advisors are happy to assist you with repayment schedule suggestions that will provide you with a strong return on investment.

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As you trusted retail store financing company, we help you regain business stability and our retail business loans supply you with the means of making your goals a reality.

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