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Secure your business’s future with a short-term Small Business Loan¹ up to $250,000 from Greenbox Capital. Don’t worry about not having physical assets or a low credit score. Greenbox Capital places business performance, cash flow and potential at the center of the approval process. Greenbox Capital is not a bank. As an alternative lender, our criteria for working capital small business loan approvals is easy and fast. Same-day funding is even possible. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from the Greenbox Capital short-term small business loan approval process. It’s your opportunity to shine. Show us your business’s accomplishments so far and where you’re heading. 

The availability of working capital is the key reason why a small business survives and makes it to the next level. Not having to worry about how to fund an expansion, purchase new equipment or open a second location enables business owners to focus on growth instead of chasing after banks.

Having Trouble Borrowing from a Bank? Greenbox Capital Can Help

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Greenbox Capital’s small business loan programs are easy to apply for and are paid back via set payment amounts automatically collected or daily or weekly from your bank account through Automated Clearing House (ACH).  Term lengths range from 3 months to 12 months. Unlike most small business loans from banks and other traditional institutions, a business loan from Greenbox Capital comes with a fast and easy online application and requires little documentation. We understand that small business owners are busy and don’t have time to dig through financial records, such as past tax returns and bank statements. We require little paperwork including just 3 months of bank statements. Additionally, a low credit score does not result in an automatic rejection. 

We won’t ask you for a complicated business plan, growth projections or what you will do with the funding either. In fact, we place no restrictions on how you will use the funds, but if you decide to tell us, our funding advisors will gladly work with you to suggest a repayment schedule that can accommodate the return you expect on your use of the funding. It’s been said many times but it’s true: You have to have money to make money. We understand that, and it’s our to goal present the most affordable and efficient funding solution. Fast access to working capital from Greenbox Capital fuels small businesses growth across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

You haven’t let anything stand in your way so far, so why start now? Access a working capital small business loan up to $250,000 in as little as 24 hours. 

¹Greenbox Capital Small Business Loans may not be available in all regions of the United States or Canada. 


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