Time to Revamp Your Business Website

6 Areas To Consider When Revamping Your Business Website

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In this day and age, no business is too small to have a professional website. The truth is, many customers nowadays will turn to the Internet to gain more information about companies that they are not aware of. The second they click on your website, they get a first impression on it that will shape how they perceive your business. Like most things of value for a business ask yourself this key question” When was the last time I revamped the Website?” “Is there anything my competitors are doing online that I am not doing and should?”


To create a positive impression on the potential customers visiting your website, it should be up-to-date, clean, easy to navigate and visually appealing. After all, your website is part of the strategy of small business marketing and it should attract possible clients who are looking for more information on your products and services. Your website should guide them on the whole process of buying and investing in your business. If it is old and outdated, it will put off visitors and your business could lose on sales. 


Most customer looking online will check around 3 websites for whatever product or service they are looking for.  If they looked for you and checked out two of your competitors and just looked at their websites, what would a potential customer think?  Website design has never been more affordable and a facelift can be done quickly and easily to take an old website to one that is cutting edge and above and beyond your competitors.


  1. Check Out Other Websites


If you do not know much about small business websites, you can take the time to read about tips and best practices. You may also simply view other pages and critique them, identifying what is good and what is not as a potential customer buying some items. Make sure you read about rules that you would need to follow on your own site.  Don’t reinvent the wheel!  What works for other websites even in other industries.  What would you like added to your own website.  Given how affordable a new website is, consider starting from scratch for cutting edge functionality and using older content from original website to save time and costs.  Tweaking an existing website can cost just as much and will not have the bells and whistles a new website has.


  1. Look at Your Current Website


Most likely, you are considering a revamp or redesign because you are simply unhappy with certain parts of your website. Reflect on these points and list down specific changes that you want to be done; then ask other members of the team to do the same. It might not require a lot of adjustments, but reviewing your web page will help you identify what needs to be added or edited. Most web designers like and appreciate clear instructions.  Use images of what you like to show them and give them very specific tasks that you want accomplished rather than vague instructions which can cause delay and additional costs.


  1. Optimize the Site For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


A common reason for revamping the website is to make it SEO-compatible. This is highly important especially as a way to advertise your site and your products. When you do this, you can be sure to find your website in the first few results when the related keywords are searched. This can directly impact your enterprise’s success as potential clients find you, which is why it is such a worthwhile step.


Keep in mind that you might need some basic knowledge of SEO so you should do your research on how to optimize your website. The main things to understand is that Google is King and Google wants speed, Mobil friendly websites.  It also wants well written content that readers are actually looking for.  Many older websites have old code and are neither fast nor Mobil friendly.  It is also a good chance your old website has very little written content.  When was the last time the content has been updated or added to?


  1. Put Your Customers First


When redesigning your website, you should consider customers’ insights when browsing through the pages. It should be appealing and easy-to-navigate, and it should be easy to find your contact information, menu and even the search field. Try to look through the site yourself, pretending to be a client, to see just how the experience really is. Ask yourself what you like and dislike about other websites that you go to.  Is your website Mobil friendly?  Does it have click to call features?  Can I instantly click to get directions to it from my phone as examples?


  1. Ask For Others’ Opinions


Once you have done the redesigning of the website, show it to other people so you may get feedback on how it looks. It is helpful to get their ideas on how the information is presented, on the aesthetics, and on the overall look and feel of the website. They will also see things that you might not have noticed, so make sure you list down their comments and make the necessary adjustments.

Most website companies will allow for a couple redesigns.  Before you give final approval get feedback and really take detailed notes on what you want to change.  Be very specific and don’t settle for an OK website, make an awesome one!


  1. Market The Site After The Redesign


Seeing the new website is quite exciting, but make sure that you market it so that everyone else visits it and see what’s new. Create a plan on how you can market the new website, like posting it on social media, creating a press release, or even mentioning it in your in-store marketing. If there is a need for working capital for marketing consider a 5-star funding source like Greenbox Capital.  Ask yourself what would be possible with some working capital dedicated towards marketing and sales.   What would be the potential return for that?  How much are you eligible for?  Ask us we are only a click or a phone call away. 

After a while, your website will really look and feel outdated. In turn, this will put off potential clients as they create a negative impression based on your website. A redesign is not easy as well. It will need time and attention, hard work and tons of creativity. But once it is finished and your customers love it, then all the hard work is worth it. After all, a functional, easy-to-navigate and visually appealing website will draw sales for your company.
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